Myself Belt Black Leather

$11.99 $23.99

Myself Belt For Kids: This mom-invented product is the easiest belt on the market to fasten and makes dressing a cinch!  

  • Potty training toddlers, preschoolers, and teens and adults with special needs and/or hand dexterity challenges can all benefit from the Myself Belts one-handed, easy to use belt closure.
  • Myself Belts promote independence and boost self-esteem by allowing children to easily fasten and unfasten their belt on their own.
  • Myself Belts help make a child’s (and parent’s!) school day a little easier and provide children with an “I did it by myself!” moment and parents with peace of mind.  A frustrating problem is solved for both parent, child and teacher- No more droopy drawers!

Myself Belts offer fashion and function.  Great for preschoolers, school uniforms, and kids who just love to accessorize.  Even the littlest of hands can master Myself Belts!

Size L fits 22 inch or 5T